The Socius of Architecture (010 Publishers 2000 / English)

The Socius of Architecture, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York (010 Publishers 2000)   Composed as a tri-part investigation of architecture, urbanism and design proposals; or, critical analysis, sociological research and architectural projects respectively. The architectural analysis, part I of the book, develops a critical position regarding the possibility of architecture to engage in the current socio political discourse. Among others, the analysis addresses the Kunsthal and the IJ Bank projects of the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. In part II of the book three cities: Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo are discussed both in terms of a descriptive analysis as well as in regard to the critical positions developed in part I. Each chapter in part II concludes with a design proposal for an architectural project. The projects are developed as a mediating, potentially performative, critique of the combined architectural analysis and urban research. The Socius of Architecture is the second volume in the Stylos Book Series.