Current Research Urbanism

The research seeks to reinterpret urbanism by reframing both the profession and the educational system of architecture and urbanism, and its horizon of knowledge against contemporary contexts: the anonymous modes of urbanization, the profound operations of global capital and power, and the omnipresent ideal of sustainability. By returning to these fundamentals, the book seeks to raise new hypotheses and theories for new design solutions that not only target Chinese urbanization, but also contribute to a new body of knowledge in an age of accelerated urbanization. Urbanization in Europe, the America’s, and Japan has been a relatively slow process with successive phases. However, the ongoing wave of urbanization, most notably in the developing world in the Global South, follows no previous pattern. It raises unprecedented problems to solve and questions to answer, challenging the established body of architectural and urban knowledge. (Wowo Ding, Nanjing University China (Editor), Arie Graafland, Nanjing University China (Editor), Andong Lu, Nanjing University China (Editor) (NAi/010 Publishers 2015)